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tv   [untitled]    January 23, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PST

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the issue after we deal with this is whether or not and officers and extreme circumstances should have to available with very tight restrictions and to this says the department and the public that mental-health is a distinct issue an important issue and what comes first. >> i'm not on the committee so i have not had enough to aid and what will be presented. i'm not sure if you're talking about presentation or if we can have speakers come and speak as well. so, i guess we can get some clarity >> i think that that is a good time for us to bring in not just the department but people went to memphis and los angeles and saw the different models and those who are versed in this area. certainly we have to be
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partners and have had for decades and we need to hear from them and those who have expertise in this area. this should be an open meeting for us to do our homework and understand this issue so that we can come up with a set of recommendations and a plan for the department on how to address this properly. >> i want to echo what was said. this is a priority of the department to separate these. people have strong feelings about this. i think the party has to be dealing with the mental health issues as mental health issues and a taser as a last resort if necessary. i look forward to the presentation because i have not heard those sides. with respect to the hearing on
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the ninth, i certainly hope that this is not just a presentation before the department but this is critical that we get presentation from our partners and members of the committee. thank you. hogwarts we had planned on bringing some people from out of town for their presentation. we can bring this back two weeks to accommodate this board. i would like to be able to get some assurances from this board that february 9th will be mental illness and mental illness alone and we are not going to mold the taser argument into that. if that is the case, i am
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prepared to load up with all of my people. >> i think that the people who will be coming to comment about these issues have to be committed to discuss whatever they want to discuss. i expect that the taser issues will likely come up. i don't think that anyone -- i would not expect the -- i still put to the issue on whether to use tasters as one of the weapons for the force as a separate issue. that's focused on the best methods to handle mental health issues.
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i would not be expecting you to do a full-blown response to those types of dishes at that meeting. i will let the other commissioners expressed their own opinions. >> i'm not concerned about public comment, i am concerned about the commission. >> the issue is mental health. sometimes people say, i have heard this the 4. i think that it might touch upon it but i agree with the chief that it could be the main focus.
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we will look at what training they have, what happens in memphis and los angeles and in san jose. that takes over most of the evening. i think they need to explain to the public that when you deal with these individuals, they see you differently. i am hoping to hear from the members of the police department about their experiences. how often they come into contact. part of the presentation includes some explanation from the mental health community. why do we have so many from this city? the taser issue, this is a waste
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of our time on what we need to focus on. let's focus on the mental health issues. i think the commissioners should respect that and i will leave it to them. >> if i understand that our meeting on the ninth will be to allow the commission as a whole to get a better understanding and to get feedback from experts in the community in the mental health arena. if that accurate? >> yes. when we have this type of exploratory meeting, what is there a process of reaching out to communicate that to the
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community in general. is there a database already set up that the commission has? how do we communicate that. >> when we meet tomorrow, we
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will discuss where the people where need to be. we will have a sense if there are any questions. >> we will have a sense of next wednesday. >> these are selected by the commissioners. >> these people have been dedicated to this. this is rather clear. >> what is our process of making sure other than just announcing it at commission meetings? do we have any other way of getting meeting set are of particular importance? >> a short of putting up fliers,
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the people would come to the police commission website, the commissioners can do their best to get everyone here. i think the word is getting out. >> can we have the newspapers get out -- >> we have the agenda on line and at the public library. >> we cannot control the public. it looks like they will address the mental health and the recent police contact3
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tasers are part of what is going on today and i expect this to be addressed at the health hearing as well as the taser hearing. we should gather the information and let the people speak. >> the taser issue is a big issue. the weekend come to the commission again. when we have discussions, we
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have an opportunity to talk about those issues them. my only concern that we digress from the mental illness and we get into the taser and i hope that this is not the case. we are prepared to give our presentation. >> i would strongly make sure
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that we focus on the mental health issue. we could easily spend two or three hours talking about this. i applaud your work. when you listen to the officers in the street, they really -- where does this fix the budget. -- where does this put of the
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budget? >> any public comment regarding this issue? hearing none, let's move the the next item. >> this is on public comment on items pertaining to closed session. >> the police commission is moving into closed session to handle personnel matters. these matters are confidential personnel matters and we have to move into closed session. any public comment? hearing none, is there a motion to move in to public >> thank you, sgt.
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>> do we need to have a motion? >> do you want to call the next item? >> we are back in session. >> to call the next item. >> line item 9 is to elect whether to disclose any and all discussion in closed session. >> move to not disclosed. >> all in favor? >> item 10, adjournment. >> do we have a second? all in favor. aye. >> thank you, commissioner.
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>> on behalf of the newly designated mayor of san francisco, i welcome each and every one of you. it was just about five minutes ago that david chiu sees it to
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be the mayor -- ceased to be the mayor. the active mayor for about 27 hours wallace the president of -- was the president of the board of supervisors. we thank you for your service. next to him is the senior member of the board of supervisors, the man who nominated john elsbernd. [applause] then not necessarily in alphabetical order, supervisor
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john avalos, supervisor david campos, supervisor carmen chiu, supervisor malia cohen, supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, and supervisors got wiener -- supervisor scott leonor -- wiener. a number of your friends thought it appropriate to reach out to cover the span of mayors over the last fifth leaders, a small fraternity who you are about to join. leading that is lieutenant
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governor, who will brain some remarks. it was the man who served as a supervisor and whom the voters rewarded by making him lieutenant governor, and he was received by his colleagues at one minute after 1:00, when his tenure was evicted, and he gave an accounting of himself and the time he has been mayor, and now, welcome to the new mayor, gavin newsom. >> sit down those that have
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seats. let me welcome each of you for taking the time to be there. it is good to be here, and it is a wonderful occasion, and the people that need to be thanked the most are the people of california, because i would not have been lieutenant governor, and there would not have been a vacancy. i am honored that people have taken it upon themselves to allow for this opportunity and celebrate this milestone in the history of our city and this nation. your it is a remarkable thing what just happened.
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not that many months ago we stood on the steps of city hall in recounting her behalf of our cities richard -- our path on behalf of the city . here we are celebrating the first chinese-american mayor in our great city. it is a remarkable thing and a very proud dana. -- thing. i spoke a little bit about this yesterday, but it is important set this reminds everybody this is the birthplace of the united nations. this is a city of remarkable diversity. we do not just tolerated.
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we celebrate it. that is a spirit of what makes sense and cisco a special place in the hearts and minds of people -- that makes san francisco a special place in the hearts and minds of people. mayor lee, here is my advice. you have a year, figure out what you want to accomplish. you were put in this position by the people to my right, but the people of san francisco are the people counting on you. [applause] do what you think is right, and remember that as important and
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impressive as this did not -- as this is, there are hundreds of thousands of people who require your attention and leadership. always remember the people outside are the people we also need to represent. remember that just because you disagree with the other side does not mean something is going wrong. that is part of the process. you are going to have a difficult time with the budget, a difficult time processing the new police chief and the reality is taking place and how they manifest in our county, but always remember to do what you think is right. people like me come and go puree your you are given a moment in
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time. there is no having made it a success. the mayor is not a place or a definition. it is a direction, and i encourage you to keep the city moving in that direction, and i look forward to the extraordinary work continuing that you have done, a person that has always been people- oriented strong sense of purpose, and will be an outstanding leader in our city. i could not be more proud and thank you to the board of supervisors, more pleased with their choice. for our next mayor of the city and county of san francisco. thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> as i indicated the, -- indicated, the mayors for the last 40, 50, 60 years in san francisco are represented here. the mayor who comes from the furthest distance and the shelly family and kevin shelly is somewhere here representative of the shelly clan. after shelly, there was joseph l. aliato and mrs. aliato is here. after joseph aliato, there was george moscony and chris moscony is here representing george moscony. [applause] and after the moscony years, it was diane feinstein. and her husband, richard blum, is here. they actually got married in
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the chambers upstairs. [applause] now, in just a minute, the president of the board of supervisors is going to say the words that will allow you, the public, to know what the vote was in his chambers earlier in the afternoon. but mr. lee, there have been several people from across the bay, from sacramento and other places, who are here to extend their warm welcome. standing next to you is mayor newsom's chief of protocol, my chief of protocol, diane's chief of protocol, everybody's chief of protocol, who's ever had a chief of protocol in san francisco, charlotte schultz. and i hope she sticks around as your chief of protocol. [applause] one of your state senators, and we have two of those, only one is present at the moment. the other one is up working on
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the budget. but senator leland yee is here to welcome you. [applause] and a man who went to bed on saturday night, a cop with a badge and who woke up on sunday morning a new d.a., george gason. [applause] city attorney twice elected in san francisco, and usually without opposition, dennis herrera. [applause] a member of the board of education and from your administration, mr. newsom, hydra mendoza. [applause] the assessor for the city and county of san francisco, phil teng. the treasurer of the city and county of san francisco, jose cisneros. [applause]
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the public defender and the man that first whispered to george, you should be the d.a., jeff hadachi. one of the judges with whom we have worked for years, lilian singh. [applause] and of course the woman who was your lifeline from here to hong kong when you were trying to escape this awesome responsibility, rose pack. [applause] fire chief of the city and county of san francisco, joanne hayes white. and a man whose work as an architect in three or four administrations, a man that i got from the board of supervisors years ago, he became deputy chief of staff
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and then chief of staff under mayor newsom, steve koba, chief of staff. and as always, you're in good hands of public safety, but only if there is a police chief, and there is one here, the acting police chief, jeff godong. [applause] the controller, a man who could cook the books or make it very difficult for you, ben rosenfeld. [applause] and from oakland, california, an asian person that beat you for mayor of the city by five minutes -- >> a little more than five minutes! >> by five minutes by my account, this is san francisco. gene quan, the mayor of oakland, california. [applause] and the city attorney and one [applause] and the city attorney and one


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